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If the Sartorialist met Salvador Dali at a Bay Area discotheque: tada! You would have Sacré Cheu

Looking into the distance, like he is oft to do, Sacré Cheu aims to create a new brand of specialty electronic music. His sound is a trifecta of blues, international influence, and electronic soul that will lead you to an otherworldly dance floor. Allen’s stylistic influences range from cult classics like King Kong to the high-brow fashions of Jean Paul Gaultier. He aspires to bring art to the stage, but art that blends camp, playfulness, and an exquisite attention to sound and performance.

The Sacré Cheu Experience has begun!

Mezzanine, San Francisco
Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland
Northern Nights Music Festival, Piercy
HopMonk Tavern, Sebastapol
Hawthorn, San Francisco
Public Works, San Francisco
Wintersalt Music Festival, San Francisco
The Warfield, San Francisco
The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas
DNA Lounge, San Francisco
The Viper Room, Los Angeles

NBC’s Saturday Night Live
The CW’s Remodeled
MTV’s the Jersey Shore
MTV’s Teen Wolf
MTV’s The Hills
Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible
Forever 21
Zippo Lighters
Pop Sugar Inc.
TONO (Norway)


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